ICA Internal Auditor for Compliance Management Systems

Upskill quickly in identifying, preventing and addressing compliance risks within your organisation, adhering to the new mandatory ISO standard compliance management system.

Course details

Preparing for an audit can be an overwhelming and expensive task. As global regulations become tighter, the call for auditors and their skillsets are increasing.  

  • Gain the expertise to conduct internal compliance management systems audits in-house
  • Strengthen your organisation’s second and third lines of defence by enhancing knowledge and advancing skillsets, individually and for your teams
  • A cost-effective route to certification, negating the need for future external training and support for yourself and the business
  • Support your organisation on the journey to gaining ISO certification, a powerful competitive advantage
  • Substantially raise your career profile by gaining this unique qualification 



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What will I learn?

  • Compliance management system standards/normative documents
  • ICA Audit (certification body’s) processes
  • Developing knowledge of relevant business sectors
  • Business management practices and how they integrate into business activities
  • Audit principles, practices, and techniques
  • Client products, processes, and organisation
  • Language skills appropriate to all levels within the client organisation
  • Notetaking and report-writing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Interviewing skills 


Is this course right for me?

This course is suitable for:

  • Compliance auditors, professionals and consultants operating in the compliance or ISO environment
  • Auditors operating in other areas, with a focus on similar ISO standards, such as: 
    • Risk
    • Anti-bribery and corruption
    • Governance, risk and compliance
    • Strategic growth
    • Quality and change management
  • Business owners, managing directors, chief executive officers and heads 

Course format

A two-day, practical, virtual classroom course which simulates an audit in line with ISO 37301:2021.

  • 1 x formative assessment via an end-of-course quiz
  • 1 x multiple choice question exam