What is the ICA CPD scheme?

What is CPD?

Most professions (legal, accounting, surveying and banking, to name just a few) demand a commitment to ongoing Continuous Professional Development. You can think of CPD as both a commitment to remaining at the cutting edge or as a term that collectively decides the tools and resources to uphold and enhance your knowledge, skills and expertise. CPD benefits your current role as well as improves your future career prospects. We are committed to providing our members with ample opportunities and tools to help you meet your CPD goals and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and competence.


 "Supporting our members to enhance their professional knowledge and skills via learning that is relevant, practical and evolving."

Types of CPD

CPD is recognised as a combination of ‘technical’ and ‘non-technical’ learning.

Technical CPD is any piece of formal learning that helps you to maintain or develop the knowledge and skills that are essential to perform the technical/ practical /functional aspects of your current or desirable role.’

These may include qualifications, conferences, online learning, writing a technical article, report etc. 

Non -technical CPD is any other piece of learning that aids in the development of your overall skills and knowledge. These may include undertaking soft skills training, giving a presentation etc.

We offer a wide range of CPD activities for our members including online resources, conferences and events as well as provide discounted access to external events.

The ICA CPD scheme


CPD requirement at different membership levels: The ICA’s CPD scheme is designed to incorporate CPD needs at different membership levels, as set out below:


Membership LevelCPDAnnual CPD recommendation (hours) Technical- (recommended hours)Non-technical - (recommended hours)
Affiliate   Optional 10 7 3
Associate (AICA) Recommended* 35 20 15
 Professional (MICA) Mandatory 35 20 15
 Fellow (FICA) Mandatory 35 20 15

*essential for re-certification


Upon successful completion of any of the ICA qualification, CPD hours will be credited as set out below: 


Course TypeNo. of hours
Certificate  10
Specialist Certificate  15
Advanced Certificate  20
Diploma  35
Post Graduate Diploma  35


ICA strongly recommends its members to undertake CPD that is relevant to their role and verifiable. This will ensure that each ICA member is professionally competent and are maintaining and developing their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

Members contributing to an article in inCOMPLIANCE or whitepaper can claim five CPD hours .A member contributing towards creating a CPD webinar or podcast can claim 3 CPD hours.

Social networking events are not counted towards your CPD for ICA.

CPD sources

You can look for CPD activities on the dedicated CPD page of the ICA website. There are various activities that have been specially made available to ICA Members.

1)     Online learning: e-learning modules, webinars, videos, podcasts

2)     Articles/ reports: knowledge bite (articles, reports, whitepapers), quick guide

3)     Knowledge hub: industry journals, articles, regulations-national/international, web links

4)     inCOMPLIANCE: bi-monthly ICA journal

5)     Conferences, events, workshops, update sessions organised by ICAor other professional bodies

6)     The ICA has negotiated special deals for all ICA members on webinars, courses, conference, hosted by various professional bodies around the world. Click here for more details of opportunities to gain valuable CPD points.

CPD events: ICA Members can also benefit from a range of events organised by recognised providers, including role-based and personal skills-focused events. This is a great way to earn your CPD.

Click here for more details.

You will need to quote your student ID or ICA membership number when booking to receive a discount.


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Membership Levels

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