CPD Regulations

CPD year

A CPD year for all levels of membership runs alongside your individual renewal cycle; there is no grace period. CPD not completed by the membership renewal date will not be considered as CPD achievedfor that year and the ICA Member will therefore not qualify for a CPD completion certification issued by ICA each year. CPD hours carried out over and above the recommended or compulsory annual requirement will not be carried forward to the next CPD year.

Members  undertaking CPD with other professional bodies

ICA Members are drawn from a wide range of professional backgrounds and experience, and the ICA recognises that many are members of other professional bodies with their own CPD schemes. ICA Members can ‘double count’ CPD completed through other professional bodies towards completion of their ICA CPD obligation, provided all the other conditions of the ICA scheme are met.


Suspension of  CPD regulations

The requirements of the ICA CPD scheme may be suspended in certain circumstances. For example, ICA Members not in employment due to illness, unemployment or maternity leave may suspend the CPD requirement during this period. It is not necessary to make a formal application to the ICA, but Members should enter the reason for the suspension and the relevant dates on their CPD record and keep documentation substantiating the circumstances of the suspension to be submitted to ICA, if requested. Members are expected to resume CPD when the situation leading to the suspension ends. Retired members are exempt from CPD.


Failure to comply with CPD regulations

Failure to comply with CPD requirements is a breach of ICA regulations. It constitutes misconduct that will be referred to the Membership Committee, which may require an appropriate disciplinary hearing be convened to address the breach.

If you are unable to complete CPD in accordance with ICA requirements, please contact us to discuss and agree appropriate action.


CPD disclaimer:

‘The information provided in this CPD Portal is provided for the use of ICA members and may not be disclosed to  any third party or used for any other purpose without express consent of ICA (and the authors as appropriate). Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, neither ICA nor the  authors can be held responsible in any way for consequences arising from the information provided. No decisions should be taken on the content of this CPD Portal without reference to specialist advice’.

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