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21st November, 15:00 GMT - The Incredible Case of Operation Trilby


Thank you to all that attended the webinar on the 21st November.

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14th December, 15:00 GMT - Adverse media screening 


Subject matter expert and ICA Technical Advisory Board Member Pekka Dare explores the complex but fascinating area of adverse media screening as part of broader enhanced due diligence (EDD) activity.

This December installment of our insightful webinar series will examine EDD and consider:

  • risk factors as drivers of CDD
  • the impact of FATF Recommendation 10
  • Beneficial Owner vs Controller
  • identifying and evaluating ‘negative news’
  • how to react to adverse media
  • the impacts of these issues on your firm.

Pekka will also guide you through case studies such as the Panama Papers and the infamous global laundromat to bring this intriguing subject to life.

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25th January, 13:00 GMT - The Compliance Officer as Psychologist


As regulators move towards more behavioural compliance, compliance professionals need an understanding of psychology and occupational psychology in particular. Occupational psychology investigates how people behave and perform at work in order to develop an understanding of how organisations function. Does that sound like something that will enhance your performance as a compliance professional?

 Compliance is not a technical role; it is a people role.


  • Understanding why people do what they do, and behave the way they do, is critical when it comes to changing behaviour.
  • Laws, rules and regulations are rational. Human beings are not!
  • Basics of using psychology in the workplace.

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