RegTech 101: Decoding compliance technologies

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Join us to decode the intricate world of compliance technologies and gain practical insights that will redefine your approach to compliance in an increasingly digital age.

We will explore the landscape of new and emerging technology in today’s world, viewed through the lens of regulatory compliance, financial crime and risk management. This member-exclusive webinar will held on Wednesday 27th September 2023 at 9:30 - 10:30 (BST)  


Key Discussion Points: 


  • Unveiling Compliance Technologies: Gain insights into the origins and significance of compliance technologies, providing essential tools for compliance professionals. 
  • Tech Demystified: Differentiate between underlying technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics, understanding their roles in supporting and shaping compliance solutions. 
  • Navigating Benefits and Challenges: Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of embracing RegTech solutions, ensuring a balanced approach towards technological implementation. 
  • Practical Application: Discover real-world use cases demonstrating how compliance technologies can align with regulatory frameworks and risk management strategies. 
  • Driving Innovation: Uncover how RegTech can serve as a catalyst to introduce cutting-edge products and services, driving innovation across the financial landscape. 
  • Future Insights: Anticipate the forthcoming wave of disruptive compliance technology, empowering professionals to stay ahead in the evolving financial services landscape.